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Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Rituals: Part-One (Healing)

Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Rituals: Part-One (Healing)

The Featured Photograph is Laura Hollick, photographed by Kevin Thom.

  Today I am going to share with you my experience with Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Rituals. This is part one of a three-part series designed to activate your hidden creative power and an introduction to her Soul Art Certification, a program that “guides you to liberate your unique creative expression and teaches you how to guide others using the soul art method”.

  Now, I’m going to simplify the healing process (part-one) found on Laura's website so that you can better understand the experience and expression that I am sharing with you today. It’s important to me to be transparent with you and to share my journey with you, so that you may know where I began and what it took for me to become a full embodiment and expression my authentic truth and/or higher self.

   With that being said, I strongly encourage you to go to her website (after reading this post) to take her Creative Archetype quiz for yourself, which will give you an in-depth report of your Creative Archetype, how it affects you and how it can serve you in giving birth to your dreams and big visions. She’s also going to walk you through her processes (healing, purpose and manifestation) in a lot more depth and give you a lot more value than I am able to give you here by just summarizing the steps.

Laura’s Healing Process Simplified:

Things you need:

·         2 Pieces of Paper

·         Art Materials (Markers, Paints, Watercolor, etc.).

·         Uninterrupted Time

Simplified Process:

Part One:

·         Imagine something you deeply desire & what needs to be healed in order to
give birth to that desire

·         Write it on your first page to anchor in that desire

·         Notice what happens in your body when moving towards that desire

·         Where in your body does the sensation come up when you imagine yourself on
the journey to achieving your desires?

·         Put your hand on the area where the sensations come up.

·         Trace that part of your body on a piece of paper or if you need to, create a symbolic
image of that part of your body.

·         Tune into that part and feel what it feels like when in the issue, in the pattern.

·         Sketch the “energy” of that spot on your first piece of paper.

·         Be present with the energy and communicate with it.
Who is it? Is it angry? Is it sad? Is it hidden? Is it stomping.

·         Simply sketch what you’re experiencing in that part of your body.

·         Write things down as they come up; any insights, guidance, random thoughts as
they come up.

Note: Laura says to see it as it is, not for what you want it to be. To observe it and be present with it without judgement. To feel what you feel and to express it freely.

Part Two:

·         Now, grab your clean sheet of paper.

·         And tune into your Spirit, Soul, Essence. (However you refer to your higher self)

·         Where in your body do you feel your Spirit? (It may even be outside of your body)

·         How does it feel in your body?

·         Trace that part of your body as best you can, however it comes up for you.
Again, it may be a symbolic representation of that part of your body.

·         Then as you’re tuned into your Spirit, sketch the energy of it.

Part Three:

·         Go back to the first sketch

·         Bring your spirit into that part of your body

·         Let your Spirit’s Medicine flow into that part of your body

(visualize it and reflect it through your art)

·         Place your hand on that part of your body again and feel your spirit entering it,
filling it, healing it, transcending it.

Part Four:

·         Return to what wanted healing. Notice any guidance, insights or thoughts that come up.

·         Write it down and let all the messages flow through you

My Expressions:


First & Foremost:

For the last few days I’ve been feeling the need to heal, though unsure of what needed to be healed. I recalled that I received Laura’s three step process after taking the Creative Archetype quiz and decided to write down the steps and practice it whenever my daughter took a nap and so I did. Below, I share with you my experience with the first step of activating my creativity (healing).

My Experience:

   In the beginning of the exercise my heart was very hot and very heavy. And I mean both physically and metaphorically. When I placed my hand on my heart it was radiating heat. I felt angry, sad, frustrated and stressed, and I could feel all of that deep emotion was being stored in my heart. I didn’t go through every step exactly because it was immediately evident what needed to be healed and where I needed to focus my attention.

   As I was tuning into my heart, a lot of hateful and hurtful things came to the surface, things like “You don’t deserve to be loved or happy” and “You’re nothing, you stupid bitch”. And honestly, some of it didn’t even make sense to me. Really, I’m not even sure where a lot of it came from, but I wrote it all down anyways.

   After tuning into that energy for a few minutes and allowing it to be heard and expressed, I began to feel lighter and more positive things were said like “It’s okay”, “It’s safe to be you” and “You’re safe to create, to express, to be”. All in all, I definitely felt a massive energetic shift through this process. I went from feeling very heavy and in my feelings to lighter in all aspects of my being.

   My first piece of art (my heart) began with some scribbles and ended up building up in one spot in the bottom of my heart, creating a black dot of built up tension and frustration. I was then inspired to add color; blue, red and a very dark purple. The blue was a reflection of the sadness residing in my heart, the red (anger) and the dark purple (an intensified expression of my anger). What I learned from this was that my anger had nothing to do with “anger” but rather it was covering the sadness of the loss that has been stored in my heart. A loss of many forms from outwardly love, to self-love and the loss of the fully expressing my authentic truth and creativity.

  The second piece of art (my spirit) I could feel from right above my belly button to far above my head. I wasn’t actually able to paint every inch of my spirit on my paper because there wasn’t enough room. But my Spirit energy was exceptionally colorful, vibrant, bold and fun. It was bursting from my physical body. My Spirit is incredibly, (INCREDIBLY) creative and has a deep, burning desire to be heard and expressed. When I was tuning into my Spirit energy I felt very uplifted and excited and I was wishing I had a huge canvas to let it all flow out and to create a more accurate representation or reflection of this powerful & playful energy.

   After completing the reflection of my Spirit, I went back to my first image to bring my Spirit into my heart. Before I painted it, I visualized it. An array of vibrant colors began to come from all around my physical and energy body and into my heart. My spirit couldn’t be contained in one space but it was able to penetrate my heart for long enough to begin the healing and transformational process.

  A little while after the watercolor of my Spirit dried, I went in and added metallic silver & gold to where I was inspired. I actually outlined the heart space with gold and added beams coming from it, a place that a few hours ago felt closed off, hurt and heavy. I also added beams of silver and gold coming from my physical body as a reflection of my Spirit shining through to the outside world, sharing my vibrant and colorful soul.

  I was so moved by this experience that I overcame my writer's block and was deeply inspired to write this blog post. Something that I haven’t done in many weeks.

  I hope that you give this healing process a shot and post your experience & reflections in the comments below or in Laura’s Facebook Group and tag me in the comments.

Have a Beautiful & Blessed Day.


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