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5 Things I wish I would've did before I invested in my blog

5 Things I wish I would've did before I invested in my blog

  I use to be one of those people who got super excited about an idea, take a few action steps, invest a couple of hundred or thousands of dollars and then totally lose interest or make excuses as to why I couldn’t pursue the idea.

  In fact, that’s how this whole blogging thing got started. I actually only made a few blog posts over a period of eight months until I made the decision that blogging was something I truly wanted to stick to this time (no matter how much heart, soul, sweat and tears that I needed to put in it and no matter how much sleep I needed to lose to make it happen).

1.       Got Crystal Clear about what I wanted to write about

When I started this blog, I was seriously ALL over the place as to what I wanted to write about and what I wanted to write about, changed just about every day. 

I mean, first it was ethical fashion, natural beauty and travel--- then it was about a hundred other things.

And sure while a lifestyle blog is perfectly fine (in my opinion), there was literally NO rhythm to my madness and no consistency.

I was completely confused and unclear with absolutely no direction, which ultimately led me to be less motivated because really, I didn’t even know what the hell to write about.

What really helped me to get clear about what I DID want to write about was actually creating a list of potential blog posts for that topic and tuning into each idea to see how I’d really feel writing about it.

That brings me into number two of what I wish I would’ve did before I invested in my blog.

2.       Wrote at least twenty blog posts

As I said before, my blog has pretty much sat for about 8 months up until very recently and so people have just been visiting this very “blah” website of mine with next to no content.

I seriously wish that I would’ve wrote at the very least 20 blog posts. Not only would this have gave people something to actually read on my website, it’d have given me the chance to decide whether I really want to write about a certain topic or not and get totally clear about my focus before paying the dolla bills.

3.       Been More Patient

One day, I had this brilliant idea to start a blog and within a few weeks, I spent about $300 to get a domain and get my blog up and running.

But as I mentioned before, I didn’t have a focus, I didn’t have any content and really, I had no idea what I was doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in starting before you’re ready but this is something that I could’ve started without paying hundreds of dollars. If I would’ve been patient and given myself the time that I needed, I would’ve been able to better focus my energy into the things that really matter and things would’ve went a hell of a lot smoother. 

4.       Created a Freebie (or two, or three)

I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of starting an e-mail list from the gecko. But the reality is, that it’s very unlikely that people are just going to give their e-mail address away for no good reason (even if they love your content) --- they want to know that they’re going to receive something of good value in return (which is totally fair and understandable).

With that being said, this is something that I wish I would’ve focused on as a priority from the very beginning, before I started getting any traffic. 

5.       Created a Welcome E-Mail

   So even though it’s unlikely that people are just going to give their e-mail addresses away, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

   Over the last 8 months, I’ve been fortunate enough to have four sign-ups with next no content and no freebies. Which is awesome! Yet, I had no welcome e-mail to send them. So, by the time they receive my next e-mail, they might just be like “who the hell is she” and immediately unsubscribe. 

   With that being said, I highly recommend you having a welcome e-mail right away as a way to introduce yourself to your audience, tell them more about what you do and how it can or will serve them and any other information you find important for them to know.

              So, let’s do a quick recap!

My Best Advice to you before you Invest in Your Blog Is:

· Get crystal clear on what you want to write about

· Write at least twenty blog posts to help you get even more clear and to ensure you have some content on your page from the very beginning.

· Be patient with yourself, don’t rush into it. It’s good to plan and take inspired action, but make sure you’re not being to hard on yourself or doing things with desperate energy.

· Create at least one freebie, and when you do (consider whether or not it’s something you’d exchange your e-mail address for).

· Create a welcome e-mail so that you’re able to connect with your new reader and start building that relationship right away.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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