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12 Artists on Instagram to Follow to Spark Your Creativity

12 Artists on Instagram to Follow to Spark Your Creativity

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the artists nor was I compensated in any way for this post. 

I am super passionate about supporting other artists and creatives so I decided to share a few people whose work inspires me. I hope that you enjoy their creations as much as I do and that they might spark something within you as well. 

1. Kelly Marie – Kelly is an incredibly talented artist and the creator of – I’ve been following her work for a few months now and time and time again, I am inspired by her carefully crafted and eloquent pieces. She has a very clean and captivating style that uplifts and nurtures the soul. Kelly even has a very well-written blog curated for artists. You can find Kelly on Instagram YouTube Facebook  Twitter and Pinterest


2.  Joelle Lyn Art – Omg, I love this girl. She’s funny, high-vibe, super talented and an all-around creative. Not only is she an incredibly artist, but she does spoken-word, hula-hoops and even dances with fire. She’s my kind of girl. You can check her out on Instagram or Facebook 


3. Chrissy Foreman Cranitch – I have been following Chrissy for awhile now, and I absolutely love her and her work. She’s incredibly talented and kind-hearted and shows up consistently, sharing her and her client’s amazing work. Chrissy is an intuitive artist, teacher and an oracle deck creator. She actually just released her third edition of her Intuitive Wisdom Cards a few weekends ago, how exciting! They’re colorful, concise and perfect for getting the message across. Plus, they have her beautiful artwork on them (which makes buying them a no-brainer). You can follow Chrissy and her work on Instagram as well as her website

 Chrissy's Latest Oracle Deck

Chrissy's Latest Oracle Deck


4. Nichole – Nichole is a crafty hippy chic whose vibe I totally love. She makes crystal jewelry, these bomb ass earrings and has a unique painting style that I just adore. You can follow her on Instagram or check out her Etsy Shop


5. Stephanie Rose Freeman – Is an artist out of this world, her work is incredibly captivating and erotic and invokes feelings of passion, sensuality, creativity and confidence. She is a free-spirited creative living the van life. You can find her on Instagram and her website



6. Kirsten Wone O'Neill - Kirsten is an intuitive artist and the creator of the Rainbow Soul Oracle Deck a 46 card oracle deck for easy divination and guidance. Kirsten's art is very bold, bright and enticing. Kirsten is also gifted with the ability to channel light language. You can follow Kirtsen and her amazing art on Instagram.


7. Alensis is a remarkable creative and candle maker based in Russia. The candles she carves are absolutely stunning and I admire her for her incredible talent and devotion to her craft. You can follow Alensis creations on Instagram or purchase her work in her Etsy Shop


8. Christy Marie - Is a creative soul, light worker and holistic healer. In addition to her beautiful and high vibe paintings, she offers soul paintings, color therapy and foot zoning which you can learn more about on her website - and if you want to follow her and her work, you can check her out on Instagram.


9.  Jessica Young - Jessica is a psychotherapist and yogi by day and an intuitive artist by night. She's very active on Instagram and I look forward to seeing her story and posts every day. A lot of her art is done with alcohol inks and crystals and let me tell you, her pieces are gorgeous. You can check out more of her work at her website

 "Soulmate" Original Resin Wall Art

"Soulmate" Original Resin Wall Art

 "Cosmic Journey" Original Alcohol Ink Painting

"Cosmic Journey" Original Alcohol Ink Painting

10. Jamie Janko - Jamie is a psychedelic artist based in Alaska. You can follow her bright, bold and beautiful art on Instagram or purchase original art in her Etsy Shop


11. Kaylee Oberfield - Kaylee's art moves me, like legit. I absolutely love her style, vibe, everything. You can connect to her on Facebook or follow her stunning artwork on Instagram.


12. Sarah Dalesandro - Sarah has a super uplifting Instagram feed filled with original, colorful and inspirational artwork. She's also creates wearable art, that you can check out on her Etsy Shop. Her creations are legit gorgeous, you'll see, just check her art out for yourself.


Featured Photo by Sarah Dalesando - The Love Frequency.

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