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Divine Inspiration from Franklin State Park, El Paso, Texas

Divine Inspiration from Franklin State Park, El Paso, Texas

Mother Earth has the power to heal and transform us, if we let her.

All of Nature--- from the trees and the flowers to the rivers and the seas, have the innate ability to transcend the essence of our being, to bring us closer to the truth of who we are at our core and to deepen our connection to God.

Today, we went hiking in the Franklin Mountains State Park and while we were driving up through the mountains, I began to cry. I was so moved by the profound beauty all around me… filled with gratitude for every rock, every plant, every tree… every life and energy form that worked in harmony to create the remarkable scenery before me.

I began to think about how incredibly beautiful this earth is and how fortunate we as humans are to be having this physical experience and to have an endless array of opportunities available to us. I thought about how small I was amongst the mountains, yet how small the mountains were in comparison to the rest of the world and how much that I have yet to see and to feel and to experience.

I thought about how so many of us stay in one place and become victims of our circumstances, telling ourselves all the reasons why we “shouldn’t”, “couldn’t” or “can’t” do something or make up stories in our head as to why we aren’t worthy or deserving of our dreams and desires.

I thought about all the ways that we try to feel better about ourselves and the lives that we live. How we drink, smoke and scroll through social media or glue ourselves the television screen to take our attention away from our pestering pain and perceived problems.

I thought about how we overconsume, accumulating one thing after another just trying to fill this void within ourselves, without truly getting to core of what it is that we really want to experience. I also thought about how we often associate happiness with “things”, and how when we receive those things, our happiness rarely lasts for long because it was never actually about “things” but about the feelings that we thought those things would give us.

A quote that ironically came up while I was writing this was one by Paulo Coelho, from his book “Eleven Minutes”. Paulo says “The little experience of life that I’ve had has taught me that no one owns anything, that everything is am illusion- and that applies to material things as well as spiritual things. Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever… finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them. And if nothing belongs to me, then there’s no point wasting my time looking after things that aren’t mine; it’s best to live as if today were the first (or last) day of my life”.

So, what if what Paulo says about life is true? What if nothing really belongs to us? Would the way we perceive things to be change or remain the same? If we knew that everything was just an illusion, what would we do differently (if anything)? Would we continue to fall prey to the empty promises of mediocracy, or would we choose to take control and create a different reality (aligning our actions with our authentic truths)? Just something to ponder…

After all is said and done, my greatest wish is that despite the adversities and challenges we encounter in life, we choose to keep a childlike sense of wonder, to focus on the possibilities instead of the perceived limitations and to always return to the essence of who are. If you’re ever feeling lost, nature can take you there.

I love you.

Thank you for being here and being you.

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