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Healing Your Energy Body with Flower Essences

Healing Your Energy Body with Flower Essences

  Please note that this blog post does contain affiliate links. Meaning if you make a purchase through any of the links, I may get a small percent of your purchase at no cost to you. I would never recommend anything that I don't or wouldn't use. You can always expect to get raw and real reviews from me. Integrity is a non-negotiable for me.

   Flower essences are a form of subtle botanical medicine that work to heal us on an energetic level and improve the quality of our lives by activating the innate healing power of our minds and body.

Essence by the dictionary has many definitions from the property of something to a perfume. In this case, the essence is the spirit or the vibration of a flower, environment or plant, otherwise known as an energy signature.

  The flower essence is made by the chi or life force of the flower being imprinted into water, most often through the process of solarization. In other words, the bio electrical field of the flower is transmitted into the water where it’s residue remains even after the flower or plant has been removed.

  Flower essences are preserved by a substance such as brandy, glycerin or apple cider vinegar.

   So where did flower essence originate? How long have people been using flower essence as a means to heal themselves?

   Flower essences are believed to have been used for centuries by countless civilizations and tribes from many lands, especially by the Indigenous Cultures where plant medicine was an integral means of healing and of soul expansion, assisting the receiver in reaching higher levels of consciousness and releasing what no longer served them.

  Flower essences were introduced in modern times by Dr. Edward Bach. Bach believed many diseases to be caused by ailments of the mind and as a homeopathic, he sought to address ailments through more natural approaches.

   Are flower essences and essential oils the same thing?

   No. Although they’re both incredible forms of plant medicine, there are many differences between the two. Essential oils are an incredibly concentrated and potent form of a plant and often have a very strong aroma and I would never recommend taking them internally.

  Flower essences again have no aroma and are often taken internally.

  Are you skeptical about if flower essences really work?

  If you are, I totally get it. I was skeptical at first too, especially because they didn’t work for me at the very moment I took them and I know it’s silly but I’m being honest.

  But after taking flower essences for a month, I felt a profound different in my entire being and have been feeling incredible shifts and that’s why I am telling you about this because I feel like it’s such a powerful tool to have as a healer or even to heal yourself, specifically on an energetic level.

  So what kind of flower essences are there? Where do I get the essences?

There are literally so many incredible flower essence brands and blends available today beyond just the Bach remedy (which you might have heard of). And although I am not faithful to one specific company, one that I especially love is Freedom Flowers.

   Not only because I love Freedom AND Flowers, but they’re very affordable compared to some other brands and they even have free samples, you just have to pay $3 for shipping (totally worth it by the way). Beyond that, the blends really spoke to me!

A few of my favorite blends that I’ve personally used & loved from Freedom Flowers are:

1. Tomorrow – is a blend with Scotch Broom, Borage, Wild Rose, Lemon Balm, Solomon’s Seal and Bluebell preserved with Brandy.

Tomorrow’s Essence was made with the energetic frequencies and intentions to help people to restore lost hope and faith, cycle out negativity, quiet the mind, ease stress and anxiety, let go of attachments to outcomes and more.

For me, Freedom Flower’s Tomorrow Essence, really helped me to focus on the now, be present and trust that everything was unfolding in divine timing.

Because truthfully while I was still in school, I kept worrying about what was going to happen after I graduate, what I was going to do for work and money, how I was going to take care of my daughter, and an endless list of more bullshit.

I truly just felt hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed and overworked with my mind going in 1,000 directions. I couldn’t seem to shut it off and then about a week after taking the Tomorrow Essence, I started to feel more present and optimistic and less stressed and depressed.

Granted, I use essences with other healing modalities and practices, but none the less… I know that without a doubt, the essences completely supported me because they made the practices that much more effective.

2. Ignite – is a boutique blend made with Bee Balm, Habanero, Horsheradish, Wild Rose, Indian Paintbrush, Nasturium and Tithonia.

This blend is so fun, enlivening and energizing.

It was made with fiery and super high energy flowers to really stimulate the creative flow, tune you into your truth & your true passions, overcome apathy, and increased confidence.

For me, Ignite really helped me to dive back into my passion for creative expression when I felt closed-off and uninspired due to overwhelm and stress. It also helped me to feel more awake, alive and interested in my art.

   Now I can’t promise you the same experience, especially because flower essences work differently for everyone. Sometimes people feel it work right away, sometimes it may take a few days or weeks to feel anything at all.

   Some people might feel emotional or out of character as things rise to the surface and they begin to experience energetic shifts and healing.

   Some people might begin to feel happier and more vibrant and other people, may not feel anything at all. And it may take longer

The fact of the matter is, it’s seriously different for everyone and I simply can’t predict what your experience will be like.

But for a free sample and only $3 shipping & handling, what do you have to lose?

By the way, if you’ve ever tried flower essences or do after this post--- I’d love for you to comment on this post and share your experience. I would love, love, love to hear from you!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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