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Welcome to Blissful Britney where I am committed to bringing you quality content to support you in becoming your best self and designing your dream life. Blissful Britney is the result of a divinely inspired idea, a small leap of faith and a fiery passion to write, help others and creatively express myself. 

Every Step Counts

Every Step Counts

   I began this blog with a small vision and desire; a desire to write, to express myself, have my message reach people and to ultimately earn an income doing what I am passionate about.

   I made it a lifestyle blog because I wanted the freedom to write about whatever I wanted to write about. But, every time I go to write--- I feel stuck. I had all of these ideas about what I wanted to talk about--- clean beauty, cute clothes, bohemian décor, ladi-la.

   Yet every time I begin to type, I start to ask myself questions like "who the hell cares?", "what purpose is this serving?", "what does this lifestyle blog even mean to me?" and so on. And sure clean beauty, cute clothes, décor, they're all great things to write about and they all have a place in my life, but I don't feel the fire in my soul when I write about it, it doesn't make me feel purposeful and I want to feel purposeful. I think that we all do when we give our time and effort into something. We want it to make sense, to feel good, we want to feel like we are truly making a difference.

   To be honest, I started this blog on the wrong foot. Up until now I was really focused on the material aspects of it and the affiliate marketing. I wanted to sign up with all of these brands that resonated with me and share products that I think are great and maybe earn a few bucks. But my soul wasn't feeling this direction, it just wasn't. It didn't feel good, purposeful or meaningful and that's why I was unable to write about the things I thought I wanted to write about. Because of this fact, moving forward I choose to be an instrument of Spirit, to create change (solve problems) all awhile doing it in a way that brings me great joy...

   Writing this, brings me joy. Writing about my truth and sharing it with you, brings me joy. The thought that me speaking my truth might help someone else either by something I said or inspiring them to speak their truth, brings me joy. Maybe this will all be a waste of time, maybe it won't.

   But I want to share this process with you, the process of peeling of the layers of expectations and revealing the truth of my soul. I want to show people where I started because I believe in all of my heart that I am going places. Not in a condescending or conceited way but because I know that like you, I am here for a reason--- to share my spiritual gifts with the world.

   So often we underestimate ourselves or think too hard about the way something is supposed to be and forget the fact that we're limitless beings with unlimited potential and we're not here to follow the rules or the path laid out before us. We are here to make our own path, to follow the callings of our soul.

    We have these passions, these dreams, these visions BECAUSE we are meant to bring them into form. We have these inspired ideas because it is US (the receiver) who has been entrusted to bring the idea into the physical plane, to make it a reality so that it can be shared with others and ultimately create change and solve a problem. 

  Believing in your gifts, believing in your ideas and your potential is not being conceited. It's exactly what is going to help you transform your vision into reality and show up as the best version of yourself so that you may make the positive impact you came here to make.

   I can tell you right now that you were not put on this earth to live day by day feeling like there's got to be more to life than this. You were put on this earth to live an abundant life; to be happy, to do what brings you joy and to have everything you desire.

    You get to do what sets your soul on fire and you get to earn an income doing it. But that doesn't mean it will happen over night and there will be trial and error (like my blog), but eventually it will all make sense. The more that you move forward in the direction of your dreams, the clearer everything will become. Every little step is important, every little step counts.

  You can sit and you can try and figure it all out and have a clear idea of what everything is going to look like and how it's going to turn out but it's never going to happen and the more that you sit and try and figure it out, the longer it's going to take you to accomplish your goals. I am telling you from experience. It wasn't until I actually began to write on my blog that I discovered what worked for me and what didn't when it came to writing (even though I thought that I had it all figured out, I didn't).

   Only in taking action did I find what was true to me and what wasn't. And the same applies to anything we set out to do, any dream we set out to bring into fruitation. There will be new ideas to integrate into our vision and ones that need to be released because they no longer serve us, and it's okay, it's all part of the process and it will all make sense eventually.

  If you could only take one thing from this post today, I'd ask that you start today. Take action! No matter how small the step is, you're still moving forward. Just something to think about.

I love you, always in all ways.

Featured Photo by: Artem Bali

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Be Love, Always.

Be Love, Always.