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Buddha Groove: A Spiritual Wonderland for Pristine and Awakened Souls

Buddha Groove: A Spiritual Wonderland for Pristine and Awakened Souls

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Buddha Groove is a spiritual wonderland for pristine and awakened souls. It is a family-owned online business, but the passion for their purpose extends beyond their compelling product collection, into a conscious community of over 350,000 members. One thing that makes me so fond of Buddha Groove, is that they partner with artists from around the globe to bring you the most exquisite and divine designs. Through this truth, not only are they supporting creatives from both the eastern and western world, they’re ensuring that you are truly receiving the most noteworthy pieces.

   In Buddha Groove’s online store selection, you can find products for the mind, body and spirit, from lovely gemstone jewelry to intriguing, unique art and sculptures for your sacred space. Browsing their selection is honestly like being a kid at a candy store, I found myself immersed in this feeling of excitement and awe as I went from one page to the next. I gathered a few of my favorite items from Buddha Groove and created a gnarly list to inspire you. Check it out…

Ten of my favorite items from Buddha Groove:

1. Amethyst Crystal Bookends these have got to be the most gorgeous bookends that I have ever seen and they’re absolutely perfect for a spiritual book nerd like me

2.  Premium Gemstone Heart of Healing Amethyst immediately when I saw this crystal, I felt a warm sensation flow through my veins. I was so overtaken by it’s beauty and high vibrational energy.

3. Tibetan Rosewood Japa Mala is a traditional mala made with rosewood bead, turquoise accents and dorje bell counters. It has a beautiful contemporary bohemian fashion look and it’s a wonderful spiritual tool for meditation.

4. Handmade Dragon Alter Table there are no words for me to describe how compelling this piece is, it’s something you really have to see for yourself…. This would make a perfect addition to any sacred space.

5. Gemstone massage and facial rollers in Jade and Rose Quartz. Using either of these massagers would be an excellent way to enhance the healing experience of your self-care day or morning ritual (I think I’m actually going to make a blog post about these bad boys and how to use them).

6. Travel Size Brocade Zafu Cushion anyone who knows me, knows that I am ALL ABOUT travel. But I still like to stay comfortable when abroad, and have a little home with me wherever I go. That’s why these cushions are absolutely PERFECT, they’re small and cute. I’m all about them!

7. The Zen Drawing Pack, Guidebook and Journal Set I believe coloring and drawing are such incredible stress relievers, and this set is great for both beginner and expert illustrators for really making the practice something that brings peace and awareness

8. Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body, Card Deck I can not begin to express how much I am drawn to this deck! There’s 7 chakra cards and 33 mudra cards for a total of 40 gorgeous and healing cards. Read more about them and their uses here:

9. Set of 2 Mindfulness Mugs, Pause and Be Here Now these are so simple yet such a good way to start the day. I don’t know about you but I start my mornings off with a hot cup of green tea, for you it might be coffee but either way, I have my cup of tea sitting next to me for most of the day and these are such a pleasant reminder to have, especially if you’re a mommy

10. Chakra Singing Bowl Kit and Gift Set Although singing bowls aren’t something I use in my own practice, I do enjoy when others use them and if I was to buy my own, it’d be one of these (in particular the crown set).

    Buddha Groove is a brand that cares deeply for not only their content and customers, but the collective and humanitarian causes. So much so, that they have created a social initiative called “Groove for Good”. Buddha Groove mindfully chooses products for this initiative by considering the background stories of the artist and how their creations can create an impact for the buyer. What I love so much about their system is that the organizations they donate to rotate, and the followers of Buddha Groove even get to vote for the non-profit or charity of their choice.

   If you like to save on super sweet stuff like I do, Buddha Groove has a groovy rewards loyalty program, in which you can earn up to 5% back on every purchase, which you can learn more about on their website by clicking on any of the links throughout this article. They also have weekend promotion called “Groovy Weekend” in which they’ll take one item from their collection and offer it to you for a majorly discounted price by signing up with a number or e-mail address. You can also save up to 50% on select items here

   Buddha Groove also has a beautiful blog that consists of captivating readings covering meditation, spiritual teaching, inspirations, mantras, prayers and more. All in all, Buddha Groove is an amazing brand with amazing products, doing amazing things. But don’t just take my word for their awesomeness. To see what others are saying about Buddha Groove, read the reviews here:

Featured Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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