I'm an artist, writer and Wild Piscean with a deep affinity for all things colorful, cultural and of nature. 

This blog is a reflection of my passions, an outlet for creative expression and a platform to nurture the spirits of unconventional women who were born to break the rules.

I'm a Humanitarian at Heart and am fueled by helping women to heal themselves and design purposeful & prosperous lives that they're wholeheartedly passionate about. 

Blissful Britney is a heart-centered Community for Awakened Artists to deepen their creativity, expand their consciousness, be inspired and access supportive tools and resources for cultivating positive change in their lives and businesses.

I specifically create content for:

  • The woman who's sick and tired of feeling sick and tired (of feeling stressed, lost, confused and apathetic), and is ready to try alternative approaches to her happiness & well-being.
  • The woman who knows deep in her heart that she is meant for more (way more than the life she's been living), but just doesn't even know where to begin to get there.
  • The woman who has a fiery lust for life and a burning desire to express herself, but can't seem to find her own voice amongst all the noise.
  • The woman who longs to make a living and a difference through her passions and her craft, but just needs that extra boost, that helping hand, that sheer and loving guidance and the right resources that'll support her in bringing her big, beautiful vision to life.

If you relate to anything I said above, then....

Girl, I got you!

All of those things were and sometimes still are, me. And that's why it's so important to me to do this work, to show up on this blog and to share my findings and experiences with you.

You can expect to find well thought out, througly researched and curated content on wellness, creativity, lifestyle, growth and travel.

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